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This is a very short story — really just a snapshot at the end of something much longer, as I think sci-fi stories in the flash fiction arena often need to be.

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My fingers relax. He twitches and scurries, wrapping, questions in his eyes. He hands me the package, paws nervously brushing whiskers. I run out the crumbling door from the crumbling shop to the crumbling streets of this crumbling city.

The bones of this dying country drip gas, remnants of ancient poisons injected into black stone. The twists and turns coil up and up, through darkness and disease, the streets tilting crazily to lead out of this wretched planet.

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I burst upon the surface, and the gas lingers under a sky of ash and blood, and my helmet burns crimson as it tries desperately to filter the thick clouds of chlorine before they reached my lungs. For here, in this decaying place, in this infested fenestration into the bowels of a wretched, bloody world, this venomous hole bored into ebony rocks bleeding miasma from unhealing wounds, in the dark light of a fading star, here, in this most unlikely place, from this most unlikely creature, here was something that my people had sought for ten thousand years.

And the light from the package sweeps across my face, and my priceless cape flies from my suit, blasted by the violence of the light, and my helmet and breather and gloves and suit and boots and tools disappear into the ether, and a stream of particles dives deep into the sleeping parts of my mind, infuses my cells, twists my essence, penetrates an essential part of me. And I ascend on wings of light, and my body is energy and brilliance, and I ride particle beams across the black seas of emptiness, and my ship races around, over, and through me, her joy blasting through the universe on laser and radio, and I scream, and a message flies forth from my crystalline lungs, heralding my coming, and it rides to my brothers and sisters through the relays, and it contains three words.

Read More. Send me new stories and poems Yes, please No, thanks. My helmet inhibits no sounds; I feel that my words are quite clear.

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My hands shake. My gloved fist smashes the surface of his table. Not some. Not a bit.


Not most. Is this a problem? Its existence here was impossible. And yet, here it was. My heart throttles my throat. The next issue introduced Wolfe's series detective Joe Fenner.

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Stories and features about the future began to snowball which was part of the reason why Gernsback changed the title to Science and Invention from August Almost all of his Dr Hackensaw series — 39 short stories and a four-part serialized novel "A Journey to the Center of the Earth" June-September — was published in Science and Invention two final stories appeared in Amazing. These are wooden as narratives, but contain lively ideas about new inventions, including Robots , television and brainwashing through dissolution of neural ganglia; Hackensaw even experiences weightlessness, on a trip to the Moon.

And We Found It in a Dark Place — A Sci-Fi Story

From March onwards there was not a single issue that did not contain either a speculative article or speculative fiction, often both, and often several. It is perhaps surprising, since Gernsback had launched Amazing Stories in April , that the later Cummings and Merritt serials did not appear there: this serves to emphasize that Gernsback wanted to continue to stimulate the imagination of the young experimenters and gadgeteers who read Science and Invention and whom he might yet entice over to Amazing Stories. Science and Invention was a more commercially successful magazine than Amazing , with a formula not unlike that later adopted by Omni.

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But although it was from Science and Invention that Amazing Stories evolved and thereby the whole genre of magazine science fiction, there was not a single writer whom Gernsback published in the magazine who went on to establish themselves as a major force in the sf world, not even G Peyton Wertenbaker , who was Gernsback's most exciting pre- Amazing discovery. Most of the contributors to Science and Invention had been experimenters who enjoyed putting a new idea into a story but were not experienced writers. Gernsback may have created the crucible from which the sf genre emerged, but it was the Frank A Munsey school of writers and the great pioneers like H G Wells and Jules Verne whose work influenced the later writers.

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