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    Blackcurrant Cake gms. Eggless Black Forest Cake gms. Eggless White Forest Cake gms. Eggless Chocolate Cake gms. Eggless Choco Truffle Cake gms. Every girl needs a go "go to" cookie I do this with alarming frequency, which given my inability to leave Chapters without buying something, is probably not healthy for my budget…. Plus, I wanted a little cookie photography inspiration, given that I make so many of them! I was under strict orders from the company boss aka: me to not buy anything.

    Seriously… I had to mop drool up from the floor after flipping through it. The photography, by Jason Hervey , was beautiful and a change from the overexposed trend that we see a lot of in food photography right now I wonder if tastespotting would accept his photos?? And I loved the tableau type photos at the start of every chapter — for some reason they reminded me of Douglas Coupland!

    The Happy Baker

    A lot. But you get the gist of it. They were both great but the Go To Cookie was my favourite. A classic oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with… coconut!! So I always try to get permission whenever I can. And to my delight, she replied the very next day and gave me the ok. Thanks Erin! My tastes have been changing recently as I've been transitioning into a much healthier lifestyle read: less interwebs surfing and more Zumba. But the evil that is Zumba is another post for another time I've been craving fruit instead of sweets gasp!

    But even though I've definitely been leaning towards more organic choices, when my girlfriend Morgan introduced me to MetroMint, I was skeptical. The way she described it--subtly flavored water infused with mint essential oils--well, it sounded a little delicate for my taste. However, never one to turn down new experiences, I gave them a try. I had a full selection of flavors to sample--Orange Mint, Lemon Mint, Spearmint, Peppermint, and--get this--chocolate mint. All unsweetened, uncarbonated, and with no artificial flavors or additives. So I cracked the chocolate mint first and gave it a sip.

    It was odd at first. It's hard to describe something that tastes like candy, but isn't sweet in any way. And come on, I create and describe flavor for a living. I should be good at this. The chocolate and the mint are both there.

    The Happy Baker

    Very clear. It tastes like an Andes Mint, but without the toothache-inducing sweetness. The flavors ARE very subtle and super clean. They don't leave any cloying aftertaste the way Crystal Lite can sometimes. The water still tastes like water, but at the end of the sip, you get this really distinct sense of the flavor, along with the cool refreshing mint.

    They're delicious. And the best part? The bottles are all fancy! So I feel very fancy drinking it. Like instead of doggy-paddling in the deep end, I should be in some SuperSpa Elite gym with Javier, my cute Argentinian personal trainer spotting my perfectly-formed squats under flattering light. A girl can dream. One thing I noticed is that the waters taste different at room temperature. The mint essence is more pronounced, and the background flavor less prominent.

    I prefer them refrigerated and icy cold, but they certainly taste fine if they're not. Of all the flavors I sampled, it's really difficult to choose a favorite. Chocolate Mint is up there, along with the Peppermint. They also have a cherry mint flavor that I didn't try, but OMG, sounds so good.

    If you wanna try some too, and tell me what your favorite flavor is, check the store locator to find where they are sold. Whole Foods, Kroger, Ralphs, Safeway After reading up on the company, I found there's a lot of sciencey stuff about digestion benefits from the natural mint oils. From pregnant women with morning sickness to chemo patients working through nausea, this stuff is like gold. People rave about this stuff, truly. The reviews I was reading blew me away. MetroMint has some very loyal fans.

    And I'm pretty sure that they can add me to the list. Morgan, thanks for introducing me to these, and for changing my mind about delicate flavors. These really are pretty amazing. Saturday, February 25, Food For Fuel. I have a confession to make, friends.

    The Happy Baker Jobs, Employment |

    Please try not to judge. I know this may be hard to hear, but it's time I come clean. I don't feed my children cake and chocolate on a regular basis. I know!! I know, it's crushing news. You thought you knew me! What is this world coming to when the Happy Baker doesn't even follow her own credo of "There's never enough chocolate"?? It's a scandal. Here's the truth, though. I don't have much of a sweet tooth. But boy, do I love making it. The creative process of conjuring up rich, decadent flavors and turning them into beautiful little treats--it's like therapy.

    It makes me calm and happy. Our household is fairly health conscious. I may not always follow my own rules, and my plumpishness definitely rats me out on that. But when it comes to my children, I've got an ironclad drive to teach them proper nutrition. I want them to have better skills than I did, and not end up with my tendencies to lean on junk when I'm tired and lazy.

    One of our favorite places to go when the weather is yucky is Monkey Joe's. If you're not familiar, Monkey Joe's is a play center filled with various giant bouncy castles, slides, and obstacle courses. It's a pretty great place to let kids run amok and burn themselves out. So I gathered up my children one afternoon and we headed out to the Joe. After an hour of red-faced, damp-shirted play, I went to the concession stand to buy them some juice. I paid, and the lady plopped down on the counter two bottles of neon-colored sugar water in plastic squeeze bottles.

    In the juice boxes. She stared blankly. I know it had been a while since we visited, but they seem to have changed a bit. I peered past the cashier into their cooler, looking for the fruit cups that were present last time we went. I felt the self-righteous Mommy-frustration bubbling up and shoved it back down.

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    • Unfortunately, a little snark managed to escape and fall out, plop! Right there on the counter. Isn't this just sugar water? I gazed at the menu. Salted, buttered popcorn. Soft pretzels with nacho cheese bright yellow processed cheese product. A candy buffet as long as the eye can see.