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But there is a rule that the branches are similar to the root from which the branches were born. And since there is no reception in our root, since the Creator is in no way deficient and needs nothing to satisfy His want, man feels unpleasantness when he needs to be a receiver. This is why every person is ashamed to eat the bread of shame.

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Instead, one should receive pleasures that bring contentment to the Creator. What we must do before we can bestow to Creator?

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Thus, on the one hand, each person should feel lowly, and on the other hand, be proud that the Creator has given us the chance to be in a society where each of us has but a single goal: for Divinity to be among us. Why do we need society?

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And without annulling self-love, it is impossible to achieve Dvekut adhesion with the Creator, meaning equivalence of form. For this reason, society must consist of individuals who unanimously agree that they must achieve it. Why individuals who come together unanimously must agree that they must achieve Dvekut with the Creator? So that all the individuals can become one great force that can fight against itself, since everyone is integrated in everyone else.

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Thus, each person is founded on a great desire to achieve the goal. Also, it is important to remain serious during the assembly so as not to lose the intention, as it is for this aim that they have gathered. And to walk humbly, which is a great thing, one should be accustomed to appear as though one is not serious.

But in truth, a fire burns in their hearts. How to annul oneself before the other? But one who thinks that he is a little higher than his friends can no longer unite with them. Hence, it is good that there will be equality among the friends who unite, so one can be annulled before the other. How should one act when being not in the society?

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But when there is someone who is not from this society, no seriousness should be shown, but to equalize with the person who has just come in. How to have strength to practice love of friends more forcefully? It is known that being humble is a great thing. It turns out that where a person has one measure of strength to practice love of friends, if the group consists of ten members, then he is integrated with ten forces of the need, who understand that it is necessary to engage in love of friends.

Each one thinks that he is righteous and that only he engages in love of friends.

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In that state, one has very little strength to practice love of others. Thus, this work, specifically, should be public and not concealed. When the friends are practicing love of others in concealment these friends make him lose his strength of desire to walk the path of loving others.

In that state, he learns from their actions and falls into the dominion of self-love. We must remember that the society was established solely on the basis of achieving love of others, and that this would be the springboard for the love of God. Otherwise, the body tends to blur the goal, since the body always cares for its own benefit. Rabash--The Social Writings has 1 rating and 0 reviews.

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