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How to use a Compass - easy compass navigation with the Silva 1-2-3 system

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Orienteering: The Sport of Navigating with Map & Compass

He likes to compare speed orienteering to the art of getting lost. Look around you. Look behind you. Get back in contact with the map and relate your surroundings to what the map is telling you…then you get running again. During training, Ahlswede almost always has a map in his hand. The goal is to train your mind to read the landscape as fast as your body can run.

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In the next 2 hours and 27 minutes, Ahlswede will face swamps, mosquitoes, grueling climbs, slippery downhills, massive valleys and uncertain terrain. In a straight line, the World Championships long distance map covers a distance of approximately 17 kilometers. By the time he crosses the finish line, Ahlswede will have run over 22 kilometers, roughly the distance of a half marathon. And at the long-distance world championships, his preferences pay off.

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Ahlswede placed 47 in the race, the highest American finish since After a day of rest, Ahlswede will next take on the middle-distance relay with his fellow Americans, one of the only races with a mass start. Greg Ahlswede is a world-class athlete and an American orienteering coach with goals to create a domestic training center for elite USA orienteers.

He fell in love with the sport at age 8, after his father brought him and his brother to a local race in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.