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The nature of work and social interaction are constantly changing with frequent technological developments. Organizations are reconfiguring office layouts, creating more spaces conducive to creative innovations, or completely eliminating traditional brick and mortar facilities for a more fluid interpretation of an office.

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Smart buildings will incorporate cloud technology and IoT into every element of the building structure. Dependency on the internet has revolutionized the idea of a functional facility. Staying on pace with trending technology is a vital to an organization, and a facility manager who can keep up is a true asset. Being a partner for clients as a facility manager breaks down to the ability to anticipate needs, implement action plans with measurable success rates, and communicate findings with clients.

The ability to satisfy all of these steps is a strategic move to secure loyalties and occupant-facility cohesion. Your email address will not be published.

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Here are five tips to strategic facility management: Prioritize the client Before an action plan can be created, one must understand the needs of the group being served. Metrics to consider: Volume of foot traffic Types of usage in segmented areas External impact concerns Facility cost drivers and budgeting The focus should be on the process management of different areas, facilitating the implementation of an action plan with room for modifications.

Sample KPI: Deferred Maintenance Backlog Unscheduled Maintenance Downtime Emergency Response Time Percent Work Return Concentrate on customer service Clients may not comprehend the complete inner workings of a facility but if improper facility management negatively affects their processes, there can be serious ramifications. Maintain close relationships with clients: Join advising committees to be a part of the organizational conversations Survey assessments of the client to ensure delivery of a strong product to their satisfaction Daily communications with client about collected metrics usage, KPI, Balance Scorecard More organizations are abandoning the short-contract job model of facility management for a more long-term relationship model, staying loyal to the organization that works best for them.

Stay up to date on trends and tech The function of facilities has evolved over the past several decades and will continue to change at an alarming rate. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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  7. Description Carving out new service areas within existing space can offer a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious libraries. This new hands-on workbook in the proven ""For Results"" series guides library directors, staff, and boards through the process to: prioritize new services that need space; make plans and identify an appropriate location; present the case to funding authorities; conduct a ""gap analysis""; find resources to reallocate and see what new items are needed; and identify building professionals to assist with alterations.

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    Supplemented with workforms and toolkits along plus examples ranging from small to large public libraries, the process is equally valuable for school, special, and academic librarians who are faced with similar space repurposing challenges.