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Series: Orca Soundings

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The novels are high interest and have reading levels between an early grade 2 and mid-grade 4. The books are available in the full print collection 92 books as well as many other custom collections. Orca Soundings Collection Titles and reading levels listed on the following two pages. Print Collection 92 paperbacks Order Order Short and simple in language and plot, the stories have compellingly authentic main characters designed to engage young readers without insulting them. These inexpensive books are good additions to high- interest, low-reading-level collections.

Battle of the Bands. My Time as Caz Hazard. Dead-End Job. The novels are high-interest and have reading levels between early grade 2 and grade 6. The books are available in the full print collection 36 and you have the option of ordering them with a counterpack display 9. Print Collection 36 paperbacks Includes new titles pack Order Please indicate if you want this on the order form. These are mystery stories with sports themes and have reading levels between early grade 2 and mid-grade 4.

The books are available in the full print collection 38 books and as part of a digital subscription. Orca Sports Collection Titles and reading levels listed on the following two pages. Print Collection 38 paperbacks Order Perfect for reluctant readers who are petrified of long novels. These are short, high-interest novels with reading levels between early grade 2 and mid-grade 4.

The books are available in the full print collection 70 books and in many other custom collections. Print Collection 70 paperbacks Order Print Collection 30 paperbacks Order At-level novels aimed at high-school teens.

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The books are the latest publications and award winners from Orca Book Publishers. The books are available in the print collection 12 books or as part of the complete digital subscription more than 80 titles. At-level novels aimed at middle-school students.

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The books are available in the print collection 12 books or as part of the complete digital subscription more than 70 titles. The Orca Limelights are included in this collection. All seven authors from the original series return with a second set of seven novels. This fall, the eagerly anticipated Seven Sequels will be available, and all fourteen books will be accompanied by unabridged audiobooks. Professionally produced, the audiobooks will make these action-packed stories even more accessible to the most reluctant of readers. Available on CD, as MP3 download and on the portable GoReader audio device, the audiobooks will further promote literacy development by allowing struggling readers to listen to the audio while they follow the text.

Full title information for the Seven audio CDs on page Full title information on the Seven GoReaders on page Packed with intrigue and suspense, The Seven Sequels launch the grandsons on a new set of adventures that will captivate young readers. At-level Fiction Grades 5—12 The seven sequels print books This was an excellent book.

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